Why buying prescription eyewear makes sense

Where do you usually buy your glasses? Do you always choose prescription eyewear or have you been tempted by the promise of cheap glasses at your local discount store? The allure of cheap glasses can seem quite compelling. Why pay the extra cost for prescription eyewear when you can achieve the same benefits for less? The argument makes sense; if the two types of glasses are identical, then obviously the lower cost option is the right choice. Yet, are the choices truly identical? Here are three great reasons to choose prescription eyewear and avoid the cheaper alternatives.

Personal attention

When you choose prescription eyewear, you aren't paying just for the glasses. Along with the glasses, you are also receiving the personal attention of a qualified optician. Picking up cheap glasses from a discount store or local kiosk leaves you to choose the best-fitting glasses on your own. You don't get the advice of an expert to help you decide not only which lenses and frames are the best fit for your face, but which will prove to be the most durable and long lasting.

Quality of frames

Some people think that buying the right frames for their glasses is all about finding the correct shape for their face, but the truth is that the quality of the frames matters just as much as the shape of the frame. Initially, cheap frames may appear identical to what you buy with prescription eyewear, but that is often deceptive. Cheap frames are frequently constructed from low-grade materials that may result in skin irritation or skin discolouration over time. If you wear cheap frames in the sun, it's probable that the frames will become bleached by the sun and soon roughen and become uncomfortable to wear.

Quality of lenses

Choosing prescription eyewear is about much more than finding a pair of glasses with lenses you can see through. While lenses may appear identical, not all lenses are the same. Have you considered the scratch resistance of your chosen lenses? What do you know about any lens coatings that may have been applied to your cheap glasses? There can be a wide variation in lens materials between different glasses, and if you are buying your glasses at a discount store, you often have very little idea of the quality of the product you are purchasing. The glasses you find at the discount store may be cheaper than prescription eyewear, but will they last as long or be as comfortable to wear over time?

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