Choosing Frames for Your Prescription Glasses Based on Your Face

In years past, having to wear prescription glasses was tedious to some people as they assumed that the glasses detracted from their overall appearance, mostly because prescription glasses were not designed to be an accessory but were merely for functionality. Over the years, though, the frame design of prescription glasses has veered from a utilitarian appearance to providing you with a wide assortment of colours, shapes and frames to suit your style. However, with the vast assortment of options, people are finding it harder to make a selection of frames that would flatter their appearance. Here are some of the things to bear in mind, based on the shape of your face, when selecting frames for your prescription glasses.

Round-shaped faces

If your face is round, you should gravitate toward frames that are either rectangular or square. These frames will be wider than your face, which in turn will balance the dimensions of your face by making it appear longer and slimmer than it is. People with round faces should avoid choosing frames that are either round or rimless because these shapes will accentuate the roundness of their faces.

Oval-shaped faces

Oval-shaped faces are considered one of the easiest faces to choose frames for as they tend to be flattered by most types of eyeglass frames. The main thing that you should keep in mind when you have an oval face is to ensure that the frames of your glasses will be broader than the widest part of your face so that your face does not look too big for the glasses. Individuals with oval faces should also steer clear from oversized frames, as these will take away from the actual symmetry of the oval shape of their face.

Square-shaped faces

Square shaped faces are characterised by being quite angular. As such, you need to consider eyeglass frames that would soften your facial features. An excellent option for individuals with square-shaped faces is oval- or round-shaped frames that will balance the sharp angles of your face. Also, ensure that the frames of the glasses sit high on your nose's bridge to make your face look longer. If you have a square-shaped face, steer clear of frames that have a boxy appearance, as these will only work to draw more attention to the angular nature of your face, making your face look bulkier than it is.

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